AUGUST 21 – 23, 2020

Join us as we shine a spotlight on our Valley Town during an online, inclusive entertainment presentation for all ages.

  • Family Entertainment
  • Local and Headline Musical Performances
  • Small Business Spotlights
  • Local Acts of Kind & Compassion during the Pandemic
  • Stories from the Dundas Museum archives of past festivals

Entertainment will be broadcast throughout the weekend, schedule will be available once it is finalized.



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Formed in 1980, an intrepid young band from Burlington Ontario would soon make “Spoons” a different kind of household word…

  Together with Derrick Ross and Rob Preuss, Gord Deppe and Sandy Horne would help define the sound of pop and New Wave in the 80’s, with hits including “Nova Heart”, “Romantic Traffic”, “Old Emotions” and “Tell No Lies”.

Learn more about them here:

Website Spoons Music

Facebook Spoons


Dave Rave and the Second Responders

Dave Rave and the Second Responders features Jack Syperek (from the Trews), Claude Desroches (The Shakers) and Mark Foley.

Follow Dave on social media:

Instagram @dave.rave.on.insta

Twitter @DaveRave

Share The Land Compilation Singers

Share the Land

A tribute to the 1970 song by The Guess Who, to be performed by musicians from Dundas and across Canada.

Featuring Bazil Donovan of Blue Rodeo, Jack Syperek of The Trews, Luke Bentham of The Dirty Nil, Leslie Stanwyck of The Pursuit of Happiness and Tucker Lane, Jackson Dorie and Rob Brown of The Ruddy Ruckus, Adrian Dyer and Brady Mitchell of Moon Tan, Christoper Union and Sheena Kay of Union & Kay, Graham Ko, Dave Rave, John Ellison, James Alphonse, Charlene Henry, Joan Ballantyne, Meghan Parton, Michael Scott, Steve McRae and Steve Parton!


Lowdown Dirty Mojos

‘Paul Wootton and Stephen Foster are the voice and sound of the band. They are songwriters who have worked together in the past, and formed in 2018 to focus on Rockn’ Rhythm ‘n Blues.

Learn more on their website:

Lowdown Dirty Mojos


Rocket and the Renegades

A tiny little dynamo, Rocket packs a seriously powerful punch of high energy fun into her blend of original music and rock, rock n roll and classic country cover favorites.
Follow them on social media:

Sound Minds

Sound Minds is a Hamilton, Ontario-based band comprised of five seasoned veterans of the Hamilton music scene. Spot-on vocal harmonies, rip-roaring guitar playing, virtuoso keyboards, and a powerful rhythm section make this one of the most versatile bands around. 

Learn more about them here:

Website Sound Minds Band

Facebook Sound Minds

YouTube Sound Minds Compilation Video

The Ruddy Ruckus

 Started in 2012, The Ruckus has evolved from a small time singer-songwriter project to a tour de force garage rock phenom. Jackson Dorie, Patrick Brown, Giordano Modesto and Rob Brown lay down punk, indie and classic rock-inspired riffs and choruses that sound in line with the band’s name. 

Learn more about them here:

Website The Ruddy Ruckus Band

Facebook The Ruddy Ruckus

Instagram The Ruddy Ruckus

Union & Kay

This “Hamilton Proud” core ‘duo’ is comprised of Christopher Union, guitarist, singer songwriter and classically trained Sheena Kay, singer songwriter guitarist. The hidden third member is songwriter, guitarist and project manager Benjamin Washington.

The musical comparisons run deep, from Lana Del Rey to Micheal Buble to The Everly Brothers and The Raveonettes.  

Learn more about them here:

Website: Union & Kay

Facebook Union and Kay

Mike Woods

Hailing from Dundas, Mike has been involved with the Canadian Music Industy for more than 40 years. His massive songlist of covers will provide a high energy, memorable performance.

Learn more on his website:

Mike Woods

Corona Crooners

The Corona Crooners is a trio made up of the Purnell family from Dundas.  
They originally decided to go door to door to neighbours in Dundas singing to lighten spirits at the start of the pandemic. They started posting videos of their songs on Facebook and YouTube.
Over time, many of the songs have had thousands of views, proving that music and the arts are needed even in these challenging times. 

Learm more about them here:

Instagram Olivia Purnell

YouTube Aidian Purnell

Frank & Kim Koren

An independent singer-songwriter from the small town of Dundas. Kim’s music is a cross between Emmy-Lou Harris and Sheryl Crow.

Frank is Kim’s go-to guitar player, who tours with top country, mainstream and rock tribute bands.

Learn more about them here:

Website Frank Koren

Facebook Kim Koren

YouTube Kim Koren-Raven Heart

Robin Benedict

Full time musician based out of Hamilton, ON Robin Benedict has been playing music independently throughout Southern Ontario and the United States since her first EP, Ride of my Life, released in 2012.

A video of Robin singing Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ went viral throughout Facebook in 2014, reaching 5 million people and introducing her to an instant worldwide fan base.

Learn more about her here:

Facebook Robin Benedict

Instagram Robin Benedict Music

YouTube Robin Benedict

Matty Simpson & Justine Fischer

Matty Simpson is a world class singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario. His musical influences are vast; he has been known to play country, blues, rock, R&B and/or any genre that is required to fit the music. 

Learn more about them here:

Website Matty Simpson

YouTube Matty Simpson & Justine Fischer

Instagram Matty Simpson

The New Rebel Westerners

A vintage/alternative Country Band feauring original mussic and classic covers based out of Hamilton, ON.

Band members include Chris Altmann, B/A Scott (Snowheel Slim), Carrie Ashworth and Robin Pirson.

Learn more about them here:

Facebook The New Rebel Westerners

Youtube The New Rebel Westerners

Russ Wilson

Russ is a hometown boy, hailing from Hamilton. On top of performing as the bassist for Junkhouse, he is also a music producer and recording artist.

Follow him on social media:

Instagram Russ Wilson

Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian

Old-style slide guitarists, multi-instrumentalists and a blues duo not to be missed. Featuring baritone vocals and jazz flute, you won’t be disappointed.

Learn more on their website:

Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent

Forming a delightful blend of psycho surf and “garage” Rock a Billy, this high energy band is a Festival favourite not to be missed!

Follow them on social media:

Facebook Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent

Twitter @CadillacBill

YouTube Cadillac Bill

Bonfire Boys

The Bonfire Boys consist of Bill Carey (vocals, guitar, cajon) and Jamie Bernard (vocals, guitar, keyboards). They formed in 2016, around, you got it, a bonfire, where they quickly found a joint love of all things acoustic. 
Bill is a native Dundas boy, and performed at the Cactus Festival many times in his younger days.
They feel privileged to take part in this year’s Virtual Cactus Fest.

Follow them on social media:

Instagram BonfireBoysCanada

Community Living Hamilton Drum Corps

Community Living Hamilton is an accredited not for profit organization that works with invidiuals who have an intellectual disability. Five time provincial champions, they are proud to be the first All-Inclusive Drum Corps. Their philosophy is…Inclusion, Life Experience & Fun

Follow them on social media: 

Community Living Hamilton Drum Corps

Reg & Patti (of Crackers)

Hamilton natives guitarist Reg Denis and bassist Patricia Warden are the cornerstone of an act as memorable on stage for its presence as it was good musically.

Learm more about them here:

Website Crackers Discography

The Foreign Films

With subtle measures of ‘60s psych pop, UK northern soul and ‘80s new wave, the music of Bill Majoros and the Foreign Films is retrospectively nostaligic but undeniably forward thinking. It has not only won the hearts of fans worldwide, but also the attention of Canadian rock luminaries Daniel Lanois and Robbie Robertson.

Learn more about them here:

Website The Foreign Films

Facebook The Foreign Films


Andy G & Friends

‘OUR CAT FLASH’ is generally aimed at children 2 to 8 … but is enjoyable for kids of all ages! Children, their friends, families … and grandparents too! The fun Andy G and Friends have with their audience when performing a live show.

Follow them on social media:

Facebook  Andy G & Friends

Instagram Andy Griffiths

Learning with Lexi

Learning with Lexi was created to spread the value of self-love to families everywhere.  Their live interactive show takes the children on an inspiring and colourful journey which encourages them connect to the importance of using their voice, recognizing the beauty in their differences and believing in each step they take. 

Learn more about Learning with Lexi:

Website Learning with Lexi

Facebook Learning with Lexi

Always a big hit, we’ve invited the Reptile Store to our presentation this year. They aim to bring the community closer to the natural world through unique interaction and engaging education!

Learn more about the Reptile Store:

Facebook Reptile

Jude Johnson

Jude Johnson has been entertaining and educating children forever! “Singing and a Swinging” is music for the younger generation with original and classic songs that will keep the little ones clapping and laughing. Fun for everyone.

Beebop the Clown

Burlington’s own Beebop the Clown is coming to delight kids of all ages. She’s been entertaining since 2009, and can’t wait to bring a little bit of magic and a whole lot of silly stuff for you!

Learn more about BeeBop:

Beebop the Clown

Facebook Beebop the Clown

The Farmer's Daughter

The Farmer’s Daughter Show harvests bales of belly laughter and truck loads of fun.  Farm-tastic gymnastics, rowdy rope tricking, and a one-of-a-kind milk bottle walk finale combine for an udderly amazing show (filled with corny humour).  Yee haw!!

Learn more about The Farmer’s Daughter:

Website The Farmer’s Daughter Show

Facebook The Farmer’s Daughter Show

Instagram The Farmer’s Daughter Show

The Hockey Circus Show

The Hockey Circus Show is a family friendly hockey tribute show that combines acrobatics, juggling, and one-of-a-kind circus stunts into 3 periods of “arena” rocking fun.

Learn more about them here:

Website The Hockey Circus Show

Facebook The Hockey Circus Show

Instagram The Hockey Circus Show


Ocean Pearl Bead Company

Ocean Pearl Beaded Creations

Ocean Pearl Beaded Creations was started in 2009 by a creative bead addict who wanted a new outlet to keep her hands busy! Many beads later, she is still at it, expanding from jewellery to accessories, Christmas ornaments and keepsake cards. Connecting to her love of the ocean, she has been able to donate proceeds from on-line sales to ocean conservation groups which makes her heart happy. 

Learn more about her here:

Facebook Ocean Pearl Beaded Jewellery

Instagram OceanPearlDiva