Newly arrived from Ukraine, “Two Families Band”, now from Hamilton.


Concert performances, author and cover programs in various styles, musical arrangement of events, private lessons for children and adults.

We are professional musicians with extensive experience in stage work: clubs, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships. We also have a large
repertoire of music in different languages, in different styles: jazz, blues, folk, rock and roll, etc. We can offer a various music programs with an interesting musical instruments: guitar, flute, domra, harmonica, two vocals and double bass. We can perform as a quartet, trio, duo or guitar solo.

Valentyn Zadoianov (guitar, vocal, harmonica) is a professional concert performer, guitar teacher, composer. Higher education. Teaching experience 17 years. Traveled a lot around the world with concerts and creative expeditions. Wrote and published 12 collections of original music for guitar. Recorded 12 author’s albums in various styles: classical, ethnic music, blues, rock, jazz, etc.
416 270 3031

Irina Samarina (vocal, flute) is a professional concert and studio singer, vocal teacher for children and adults. Has a wealth of experience. Traveled a lot around the world with concerts as a singer and flute player of music bands. Winner of numerous competitions. Performs music in various styles: classical and folk music, jazz, blues, rock, etc.
416 262 1370

Julia Kim (domra) is a professional teacher and performer with vast experience. Winner of numerous music competitions.
Higher education. 20 years of teaching and performing experience. Has repeatedly performed in ensembles, orchestras, and as a solo artist.
647 640 6575

Oleg Apostolov (double bass, bass guitar) is a professional performer, teacher, arranger with a higher musical education and many years of experience. Winner of numerous competitions, participant of international jazz festivals.
647 640 6524