Burlington, Ontario, Canada country pop singer/songwriter Hayley Verrall is a fresh young artist who has quietly but quickly been edging her way into the Canadian country music community over the past couple years with her roots and contemporary inspired original music.

Hayley has been honoured to present her original music opening shows for, working with and alongside other iconic Canadian musicians. About songwriting Hayley says:

“While our musical journeys are all at different points and our original music may differ in style, as musicians I think we share the same inspirations. Our music comes out of our day, from whatever we are doing at the time. We write music about ourselves, our experiences, and the experiences of our friends, family and those we meet. We are always on the lookout for a good story that says who we are but which also feels like it could be someone else’s story, too. We write about life, love and the world, and hope that people will be inspired or encouraged if they are going through the same things.”

An internationally and locally awarded artist, Hayley’s passion for performing and for people has not gone unnoticed and she was recently named the 2020 inductee to the Burlington Performing Arts Centre Hall of Fame.

“BPAC is a hub of artistry, both local and national. I have been invited to perform there on numerous occasions and have always been enthusiastically welcomed by staff and audiences and introduced as one of Burlington’s favourite performers. I am so grateful for the ongoing support that both BPAC and Burlington have provided to me and my music.”

Hayley’s most recent pop country single ‘Side of Small Town’, co-written with Angela Siracusa and produced by Dan Stobbs of MNOW Records, exudes the simplicity and loyalty of small town relationships, like fans loyal to their hometown team. It essentially says if you love someone with that ‘side’ of small town, that small town simplicity and loyalty, the relationship won’t break. The feelings are real, the lyrics are thoughtful and the beat remains strong in this new addition to Hayley’s catalog.