22K Magic – A Tribute to Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars

Together, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars have amassed almost $500 million in record sales and are considered two of the best-selling music artists of all time. Their tours are among the highest grossing ever, and generated more than $400 million in revenue this past decade.

Hundreds of awards, accolades and super fandom have propelled these two to Icon level in a short period of time. This tribute packs all punches.

Joshua is the perfect embodiment of Mars. He is a recording artist, musician, song writer and tribute artist, AND he is destined for stardom. The swag, the stamina and the voice – Joshua is the real deal.

Shannon’s background in country music as a recording artist and seasoned entertainer serves as the perfect foundation for her electrifying stage presence, ensuring that each performance of “Taylor’s Story” is a theatrical spectacle that transports the audience into the heart of Taylor Swift’s world.

Together, they put on a show like no other. All your favourite songs, clean lyrics and a whole lot of fun, this tribute is perfect for all events and age groups.


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