The Soul Profits are a group of musicians that have been playing music in various forms together over the past decade and have come together to share their love of playing music with anyone who will listen.
The group is comprised of Cam De Laat (drums), Justine Fischer (bass), SnowHeel Slim (guitar) and Greg Brisco (keys).

SnowHeel Slim is a renowned guitarist who has played with many notable acts such as, Ginger St. James, Super Delux and recently, The New Rebel Westerners, as well as many others.

Greg Brisco has been actively playing in the city of Hamilton for the past 20 years. You may have seen him over the years play with many local acts like Ginger St. James, The Dinner Belles, Junkhouse, Teenage Head and Tongue Fu and many that have just been passing through the city.

Justine Fischer (aka the Bass Machine) is a formidable player who has been a working musician all of her working life. She has played with Fred Eaglesmith, Logan Staats, Spencer MacKenzie, Matty Simpson, Ginger St James, the Pistolettes, and many others.

Cam De Laat is a singer/songwriter (also drummer) from Toronto, Ontario via Grimsby. He has been playing with many artists and shared the stage with multiple musicians over the years with too many to name in this short bio.

They are passionate and honest about music and it comes through in their performances. If you get the chance to see them perform then do yourself the favour and check it out. It is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.