“Era-spanning dream-pop” from Hamilton ON. Once described as a “dreamy version of Linkin Park”, Linebeck aims to find the push-and-pull between happy vivacity & nostalgic melancholy. Formed one month before the world stopped, Linebeck spent their first years as a band writing and workshopping songs remotely. Their debut single “Bed” was released on June 24, 2022 – reaching over 10,000 Spotify streams and bringing in over 800 new listeners within 4 weeks of its release.

​Sonically, Linebeck draws inspiration from shoegaze, dream-pop, and post-punk bands; yet melodically and structurally leans heavily on pop-driven motifs. Heavily influenced by songwriting geniuses LennonMcCartney and pop powerhouse Max Martin, Linebeck’s songwriting is full of intention but not lacking in honesty.