Stage: Home Grown Stage 4 at Artist’s Way (King St. & Ogilvie St.)
Date: Saturday August 19, 2017
Time: 1:30 pm

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New Mother Nature formerly The Naires are a 4-piece blues/alternative rock band out of Hamilton Ontario.

All 4 members met studying at Mohawk College and connected through their passion for performing. Before forming New Mother Nature, Raul Gutierrez and Thomas Duxbury played in Hamilton Music Award-winning band “The Retroaction”. Shelby Crego was known for his soulful tone and passion for blues. Raul and Thomas brought him in for a rehearsal and that was that. His unique guitar tone and playing style became an instant staple of New Mother Nature sound. While Spencer Donegan plays and teaches guitar on the side, he mainly performs on the bagpipes. The then trio version of New Mother Nature approached him about playing bass as he was a close friend of the group. Spencer ended up learning the bass for this project to staggering success. This is how New Mother Nature came to be!

Check out more at SoundCloud.