Quarter In The Bag

Stage: King Albert Stage 2 (King ST. & Albert St.)
Date: Saturday August 18, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm

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About Quarter in the Bag

Quarter In The Bag is an increasingly rare bird these days – an original rock n roll outfit that doesn’t sound like every other band trying to break out in this winner-take-some world of original music. Now, make no mistake, the boys surely do hark back in time to the tried and true elements of goodness found in so many of the truly great power trios that laid the foundation in stone. Rob Honey knows how to write, knows how to play, and knows that the show is paramount….that is to say, you’d better be willing to go balls to the wall 24/7 if you want to live let alone succeed. Teaming up with Troy Mosley on Bass and Adam Platsko on drums, these boys culled the very best of their dad’s record collection and combined it with their own bends and breaks to drive home a very legit cornerstone in what is sure to be a sprawling estate of rock n’ roll.

The former members of The Mercy Beat and Dead End Sessions, the guys started putting their sounds and ideas down in the fall of 2015 and sharpened their stick accordingly until they were ready to record their debut 6 song EP at Burlington’s B Town Sound with engineer Mickey Ellsworth and engineer/producer Jordan Viaene (of Kandy Face) to make a truly ass-kicking offering, full of memorable hooks, break downs and soaring fits of harmonized rage and angst – all in good fun.