The Aristov Family Circus

Stage: Family Fun Zone Stage 3 (King St. & Market St.)
Saturday August 18, 2018
– 1:00 p.m & 3:00 p.m

Sunday August 19, 2018
– 1:30 p.m & 3:30 p.m

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About The Aristov Family Circus

Igor Aristov was born in Ural middle of Russia city called Cheliabinsk.
At 7 years old started training in Gymnanastics
At 12 years old combined training in Sport of Tumbling
From 18-20 years old was serving in concert group of Soviet Union Army
After Army Igor auditioned to Moscow State College of Circus Performing Art
and has been graduated with a diploma.
Igor was touring with Mosow State Circus as an acrobat in all Soviet Republics,
Europe,South East Asia,South America,Canada and USA.
Awarded at International Youth Festival in Moscow trophy the best acrobatics act.
Performed in opening ceremony of Goodwill Games,Moscow.
Igor as an Artistic Director created and performed: Russian Bar,Acrobat – Eccentric,Acrobat-Voltijors
Comedy Acrobatics,Rag Doll,Hand to Hand,Balance on Rola-Bola,Juggling Duo.
Igor and Tatiana met in Ukraine.
Besides the acrobatics act they createted juggling duo act.
In 1993 son George was born.
George started to practice circus skills at 3 years old.
Currently performing with family in variety circus acts.
Aristov & Company perfomed in differend Circuses: Circus World,Big Apple Circus,Garden Bros.Circus,The Giant
Holiday Circus,Circus Maximas,Reid Bros.Circus,Yankee Doodle Circus,Famous
Cole Indoor Circus,Cirque Leonardo,Super Circus,Cirque Estival,Tarzan Zerbini Circus,
Jordan World Circus,Cole Bros.Circus.Cirque du Jour,Cirque Mondo.
Aristov & Company appeared in TV programs:CTV Breakfast TV,Canada AM,BBC
special pres.TVO Parents Planate and performed in Rolling Stones Concert Toronto
for SARS Relieve.
Fairs:Canadian National Exhibition,Toronto,The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair,Toronto.Ottawa Super EX,ON.Edmonton
Capital EX AB.Frex Fredericton Exhibition,NB Expo de Saint-Hyacinthe,QC The Saint John Exhibition,NB. Georgia National
Fair Perry,GA. Erie County Fair Hamburg,NY. Cleveland County Fair Sheldy,NC.Cape Breton Exhibition,NS.
Festivals:Toronto International Circus Festival.Festival de Cirque Vaudreil-Dorion,QC.Family Circus Ontario Scince Centre.
Festival international Juzz de Montreal.Toronto Winter Festival.CHIN International Picnic.Halifax International Busker Fest.
Corporate Clients:Air Canada,Walmart Canada,Bank of America,Bell Canada,Royal Bank of Canada,Toronto Star,Home
Depot,Canadian Tire,Honda Canada,Chrysler Canada and many more.