Vader's Raiders

Stage: Home Grown Stage 4 at Artist’s Way (King St. & Ogilvie St.)
Date: Saturday August 19, 2017
Time: 1:30 pm

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About Vader’s Raiders

Vader’s Raiders are a three-piece rock’n’roll band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Their sound is aggressive and sweet, rhythmic and melodic, reflecting the many varying influences of the three members.
Vader’s Raiders came together in March of 2017 when singer/bassist Ginny Vader (the Denteens, The Sheanderthals) needed to put together a band for a charity event, she called upon some old friends; David Evans (Progressive Minstrels, Atomic Tim and the Sinz) on Guitar/vocals, and veteran studio, live and touring drummer of 35 years Brian Fogel ((Ruckus, Suzi & the Revells, Sinful Love)
Their first gig together was on April 15, 2017, and the results were so successful, it was decided to keep the band together permanently. The band has played 5 shows in the 3 months currently together.