Stage: Festival Patio Stage 1 (King St. & Memorial Square St.)
Date: Saturday August 17, 2019
Time: 4:30 pm

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Doghouse Rose encompasses the ideology of perseverance with a smile.  

​ Coming from all different walks of life and musical backgrounds, they quickly formed a bond that shines through every time they take the stage.  In short, they’re four best friends bending rules and breaking boundaries of traditional
musical genres.   

 Rooted in pop punk with a hint of rockabilly, new wave and good old fashioned rock n roll, their vibrant melodies, thunderous rhythms, and candy sweet vocals deliver stories of chasing dreams, hard luck times and not taking life too seriously. 

Pair that with their fast burning, immersive and often acrobatic live show, they’ve built their reputation and fanbase through genuine connection and a DIY spirit.   

Self producing and releasing their albums, writing and directing their videos,designing their own merchandise and sometimes even keeping their faithful van on theroad with duck tape and zip ties, they’re no strangers to a hands on approach.  

Playing up to 200 shows a year, everywhere from maximum security prisons, honky tonks, festivals, and dive bars they’ve played and toured with some of the genre’s best talent including Supersuckers, Michale Graves, The Creepshow,  The Brains, The Mahones, and White Cowbell Oklahoma. 

​Two studio albums and six international tours in, they have unleashed their new single Dark Days. A feel good, take on the world anthem that is laying the grounds for their upcoming adventures and a new album to be released later this year.